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    We assist with seedlings, liners, potted plants, rooted cuttings .....evergreen and deciduous.....as well as supply large trees and shrubs that we grow. Contact us for seedling, as well as full size plants, hollies, arbs, arborvitae, nursery stock at wholesale prices, trees, plants, shrubs, maples, oaks, lindens, viburnums, ornamentals, burning bushes, wetland plants, native plants, christmas trees, white pine trees, norway spruce, white spruce, flowering trees, hollies, shade loving, deer resistant plants, hosta, spirea, arborvitae, tree growing suggestions,tree grower supplies, shade trees. We also offer arrowhead hunting on some of our fields, fishing,& hunting camping. We are a family run operation and like to keep busy.

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    Do you need help in planning or selecting a tree or shrub? Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your landscape? We can also have Marge Hirst our in house designer give you a free landscape plan based on the photo.
    We deliver to the following counties in Pa:
    We Deliver to the NY Metro Area We Deliver to the Nj Metro Area We Deliver to the Washington DC Metro Area We Deliver to the Metro Baltimore Area We Deliver to the Metro Allentown Area We Deliver to the Western Maryland Area We Deliver to the Scranton Area We Deliver to the Reading Area We Deliver to the Pittsburg Area We Deliver to the North West Conn Area We Deliver to the Meto New York Area We Deliver to the New Jersey Area We Deliver to the New Haven Area We Deliver to the Westchester Area We Deliver to the Staten Island Area We Deliver to the Queens NY Area Adams County, Clinton County, Lackawanna County, Pike County Allegheny County, Columbia County, Lancaster County, Potter County Armstrong County, Crawford County, Lawrence County, Schuylkill County Beaver County, Cumberland County, Lebanon County, Snyder County Bedford County, Dauphin County, Lehigh County, Somerset County Berks County, Delaware County, Luzerne County, Sullivan County Blair County, Elk County, Lycoming County, Susquehanna County Bradford County, Erie County, McKean County, Tioga County Bucks County, Fayette County, Mercer County, Union County Butler County, Forest County, Mifflin County, Venango County Cambria County, Franklin County, Monroe County, Warren County Cameron County, Fulton County, Montgomery County, Washington County Carbon County, Greene County, Montour County, Wayne County Centre County, Huntingdon County, Northampton County, Westmoreland County Chester County, Indiana County, Northumberland County, Wyoming County Clarion County, Jefferson County, Perry County, York County Clearfield County, Juniata County, Philadelphia County http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/AthensSayreNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/DelawareArea.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/EasternConnNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/EasternShoreNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/HarrisburgAreaNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/HartfordConnNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/LancasterAreaNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroAllentownNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroBaltimoreNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroBrooklynNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroDCNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroFairfieldConn.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroLongIslandNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroManhattanNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroQueensNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroStatenIslandNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/MetroWestchesterNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/NewHavenNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/NewJerseyNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/NewYorkMetroNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/NorthWestConnNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/NorthernVirginia.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/PittsburgNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/ReadingAreaNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/ScrantonAreaNursery.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/SuvRockContest.html http://eastpenngardens.com/Craigslist/WesternMaryland.html