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    American Hornbeam

    The American Hornbeam is a great plant for wildlife.

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    Shade Trees at Highland Hill Farm

    Shade Trees At Highland Hill Farm and Seedlingsrus

    Shade Tree Considerations:
    What is the size of the tree you are looking for? Is it small, medium, or large? This is important because trees can over power a landscape. Plant trees based on the correct size for the landscape application. If the tree will become large,don't plant them 3 feet from your house . You have to plan where to place the tree based on its ultimate size. Take into consideration the crown of the tree. You don't want it to burden your house. The crown of the tree may grow to the desired height but the tree may be to narrow to give the desired effect. Another consideration is what kind of roots will this tree put out? Will they spread like willows on the surface and travel 50 yards to your septic. Will the roots lift up you patios and driveway? You could be blinded by the visual effect and not see the damage that a tree can do with its roots. I have listed below some of the more popular trees that we grow and a link for the tree if we have one available. We have many trees that are not on our list so if you don't see what you want E-Mail Us.
    Our selection of shade trees are in full fall color!!!

    Acer Griseum (Paper Bark Maple)

    leaves look like an oak tree leaf

    Acer Rubrum(Red Maple)

    American Hornbeam(Blue Beech)

    Fagus Sylvatica 'Purpurea(Copper Beech)

    Quercus acutissima(Sawtooth Oak)

    Liquidambar styracifluaSweetgum Trees

    Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple)

    Platanus occidentalis (Sycamore Tree)

    Acer Platanoides (Norway Maple Tree)
    Fraxinus Pennsylvanica (Ash Tree)

    Betula Nigra (River Birch)

    Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple)
  • Canadian Hemlock Trees We Grow

    If I told you according to the FBI, studies have shown that in urban areas where there are abundant shade trees the crime levels are lower. You would beleive me. This is because people have a more positive outlook where the envirement is friendlier and where you feel more peaceful. The colors of nature are more pleasing than that of asphalt and concrete. Just as if you could have a color tv or a black and white for the same price, which is more pleasing?

    Urban shade trees also help prevent flooding. Trees hold back water with their surface area and slow runoff. High quality shade trees can reduce runoff and thus slow soil erosion.

    One shade tree can remove nearly 1 ton of co2 from the air and return it as oxygen. A one acre tree forest can provide enough oxygen for over a dozen people. Shade trees can also purify the air of SO2 and NO, two major components of acid rain and ozone pollution.

    Urban shade trees help block Fido's bark. Thus allowing you a better nights sleep. A stand of tree 90' by 45' tall can reduce noise levels by almost 50%. Would you now believe that half a sleeping pill will now do?