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Camp Digit Rules

We ask that you read these rules and sign them when you come to our digs. These rules are designed to help you enjoy the event and keep order. We want you to have a safe and exciting adventure. These digs are designed to make money. If we don't we can't continue to offer events and bring to you more opportunities to hunt for artifacts. We will find and buy more properties.
  1. Signing up for digs. Please call up and let us know that you are coming. Keith's phone number is 570 561 8016. You can also E-Mail Us. Leave us a number we can contact you at in the event we have to call off a dig. You should sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you up to date on conditions and when we expect to be plowing fields for field walking. The river at our Milan dig site can flood and limit access to its location. We don't want to disappoint you. We have multiple locations in Milan because the farm is over 1000+ acres!
  2. Directions to a dig. We have driving directions on our web site. You can click Here to see them.
  3. Photographing agreement. By coming to the dig you agree to allow us to photograph artifacts. You also agree to allow us to videotape the dig. We want to document the digs so that the heritage of the site is recorded and that we can understand where artifacts are coming from on the site and the depth they are found at. You agree to allow us to photogragh artifacts that you find before you leave the site. We want to document all artifacts, even broken or questionable artifacts. On digs with large attendance there may be a $10 refundable deposit to assure we see you checking out.
  4. Dogs. We do allow you to bring your dogs with you but you must be respondsible for them. We can't be dog sitters. We are not respondsible for dog bites or fights. Barking dogs are banned.
  5. Cost of digs and field walking. Costs will be posted prior to the dig. It will vary depending on equipment that we supply. We accept checks, Master Card, Visa, and Am Express. Each farm may have different dig fees. Our farms have tennent farmers and they may have to move cattle out of areas to allow you access. Some crops may be damaged in the hunt so we must compensate them for this. You can sign up for daily or half day rates. You must declare at the start if you want half day or a whole day rate and pay accordingly.There are no refunds. If it rains, there are no rain delays once the dig has begun.
  6. Children You are respondsible for your children. They are not permitted to throw rocks or stones. Please don't let them disturb others. They are not permitted to go near any body of water without a parent. They can fish at posted places but must be supervised by their guardian or parent. There is no swimming. When we are running heavy equipment on a site, you are respondsible to keep them safely away for this equipment.
  7. Visitors. You may bring visitors but we have an established visitors fee. Visitors may not surface hunt.
  8. Release of liability. When you arrive you will be asked to sign a release of liability form for you and your children.
  9. Metal detectors. We allow them on some farms. With prior permission only.
  10. No drugs or alcohol are allowed. We have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.
  11. Gift certificates. We do have gift certificates and will send them via US Mail. They must be used within one year. No cash refunds for certificates.

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