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Milan Area Hunting Lands

Milan is located in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania in Bradford County. Milan is 2 miles south of the New York boarder on a main road Rt. 220. We have purchased 5 farms and woodlots around this town. We are in the process of planting trees for our retail nursery operations. This area has great hunting.

This first picture below shows a topo of 3 properties. The Page Farm is 100ac. It is on both sides of Rt.220 and goes to the river. The second farm is the Tubbs Farm. It has 296ac. The Griffiths Woodlot is a 118ac. parcel of forest land. It is on both sides of East Smithfield Rd. There are 2 other properties not shown. The Harris Farm 240ac. and the Temple 22acre properties.The wooded areas on all these properties were lightly timbered in 1999. There is a large mix of open, wooded, wetlands, creeks, and river flats on these properties. Most of the ground is also connected. 80 acres on the Harris properety is within 100yds of the other lands. This 80 acre tract does connect with another farm of 320 acres that we will probably buy in Sept. of 2005. These are all active farms. There are tree farming, dairy herds, u-pick berry farm, and crop farming on these farms. The farms have many fields that are planted with corn. The corn is usually still standing on some fields durring the rifle-deer season. Bradford County usually has enough doe tags that if you sign up in time you will get one.

This picture shows the topo and property lines for three of our farms.

This photo shows river flats on the page farm.

View of one of many corn fields that are on the Tubbs Farm. Years ago, when we were looking to buy a farm in Bradford County, when we first drove into the farm and got to this area, we saw 5 deer standing right out in the open. I turned to my wife and said, "This is the property were looking for! We are buying this one.". I like this farm the best of all our properties for hunting. It has never left us down. Even on the last days of a season this is where we choose to go. This property has deer, bear, grouse, and turkey.

View of back pasture and wetlands on Tubbs Farm.

Pasture and woodlands on page and Griffiths parcels.