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For directions to visit our 5275 West Swamp Road Farm in Fountainville for retail and wholesale purchases click Here

You do not have to drive to the farm to see our trees and shrubs. We will take pictures and email them to you. We also will provide delivery and planting for the East Coast region and UPS service to other states for our small stock.

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We have in Bradford County Pa. 1300 acres for our growing operations. We have started to plant spruce and fir trees there. We sell container and B&B stock there. Milan is located about 8 miles north of Towanda Pa. on Rt. 220. As you go north on 220 from Towanda, our roadside sales location is on the left as you enter Milan. More about our Milan Farm

Our Fountainville farm is located 1 mile west of Doylestown in Bucks County, Pennsylvania,( at 5275 W. Swamp Rd.) whose name is not at all derived from the many deer to be found (that would be too easy), was established, wa-a-a-y back in 1681 when the king of England, Charles II, owed one of his old admirals 16,000 pounds Sterling. (That's about 4 million of our 2005 dollars.) For payment of the debt, it became the admiral's son who was given a "tract" (a parcel, a piece) of land in "the New World," on the northern continent of the western hemisphere before it got the name America.

When William Penn saw just the eastern edge of the 40,000 square miles he had gotten he was most pleased, understandably so, with a forest that seemed to never end. Dad's woods, he thought, deciding to name the place where he would start a democratic sort of Quaker colony, Pennsylvania, Penn, -sylv (a Latin word root meaning "woods"), -ania (Latin suffix for "land"). So that's why our home sounds like Count Dracula's (Tran -sylv -ania, tran for "between," as in, between the Carpathian Mountains and the old Principality of Wallachia in what is today's Romania, there's a land which is woods. Maybe Newfoundland should have been named Newfoundania? Naah.

William Penn established just three counties at first, all in the southeastern corner of his wooded land, all with names from mother England. Philadelphia County surrounded the original village there, Chester County was to the south, and Bucks county to the north.

In England, Buckinghamshire was, and still is, a county just northwest of London that forms an irregular rectangle running from the southeast at the edge of London, northwesterly. BUCKinghamShire, was shortened to Bucks in conversation. So William Penn named his land's similarly sized, irregular rectangle county, which ran northwesterly from Philadelphia's edge, Bucks county. Of course when you come to our farm be prepared to visit our county and experience its diverse culture and history.

When you come to visit us at Highland Hill Farm an interesting place to visit is Haycock Mountain. It is a cooled 130-million year old "almost a volcano" that didn't get to come out of the ground. It stayed below, but made the ground bulge upward, and the hot, liquid magma cooled to form coarse-grained "diabase" rock. Ayres' Rock in Australia and Wyoming's Devil's Tower are world-famous examples of what is called a "laccolith." Milk is "lacco" in Latin and "lith" means stone. Haycock Mountain is a laccolith, Buck's County's highest point at 959 feet above sea level.

Haycock Township surrounds the mountain. Haycock Elementary School is having their annual band concert at the nearby high school in the town of McLean on Tuesday, December 20, this year. You don't think that Bucks County has a town named McLean? You're absolutely right! Although there's the Haycock Elementary School we know on Old Bethlehem Road (Route 212), there's another one at the intersection of Haycock Road (Route 703) and Westmoreland Street, in McLean, Virginia just a few miles across the Potomac River west of Washington, D.C. Then, there's Haycock Mountain, in the southwestern part of the state of Utah, not to be confused with Haystack Mountain, Utah. Haycock Mountain, Alaska deserves mention, as well as Haycock Mound in Kansas. "What's in a name?," Shakespeare observed over 400 years ago.

So you get the point; haycock is a common word, but just what is a "haycock?" Before the days of baling machines, cut grasses for "haying" were spread out in the sun to dry ("gotta make hay while the sun shines") and then collected to be taken to where it would be stored. That dome-shaped mound, that pile, that heap, that stack of hay, will have a rounded top exactly like our Haycock Mountain in Bucks County.

If there's no barn with a "mow" (pronounce it like Chairman Mao) to store the hay out of the rain and snow, an extra large haycock can be piled up and this "hayrick" will have a protective outer layer of hay that will be used for bedding the farm animals, or for composting, etc. If a roof set on poles can be created to cover the hayrick, much less of the hay will have to get wet and subsequently rot... So there's a Hayrick Mountain in Texas and another Hayrick Mountain in Oregon. What's in a name? Try, Highland Hill Farm?


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    Highland Hill Farm welcomes you to our online store for the purchase of seedlings. Order seedlings to large full size trees from us. Call us to discuss your horticultural needs. We help will everyone to find the best nursery stock and we offer advice on types to buy for those who want to start to grow plants. On our farms we raise and sell nursery stock from seedlings to large caliber trees. We also offer information on the web About Seedlings , and how to care for seedlings and nursery stock. If you buy your seedling from us you will have access to the free use of our planters. We have three types available for use and have had years of experience in planting seedlings. Our planting equiptment is located in Doylestown and Milan Pa. We are dedicated to helping you with your plant needs. You will find Articles we have written to help you and explain how we do what we do. We will be glad to assist you. We welcome everyone to come to our farm, if we have time we will give you a tour and show you how we built up our nursery. There are no trade secrets to our operation and we feel that in helping you we will become sharper ourselves. Our phone number is 215 651 8329.

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  • We assist with seedlings, liners, potted plants, rooted cuttings .....evergreen and well as supply large trees and shrubs that we grow. Contact us for seedling, as well as full size plants, hollies, arbs, arborvitae, nursery stock at wholesale prices, trees, plants, shrubs, maples, oaks, lindens, viburnums, ornamentals, burning bushes, wetland plants, native plants, christmas trees, white pine trees, norway spruce, white spruce, flowering trees, hollies, shade loving, deer resistant plants, hosta, spirea, arborvitae, tree growing suggestions,tree grower supplies, shade trees. We also offer arrowhead hunting on some of our fields, fishing,& hunting camping.We are a family run operation and like to keep busy.


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