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Pussy Willows of Highland Hill Farm

Pussy willows are a great plant to be planted in wet conditions. In our nursery, we try to plant the willows in our fields that are the wettest. We do this because that is the best location for them to grow on and saves our dryer land for our less tolerant plants. We noticed that once they are in the soil, they seem to explode in growth both in new roots and new shoots. We also noticed that once we have dug the willows out, they grow new roots very quickly and those new roots expand quickly out of the tree ball and into the surrounding mulch. Ball and Burlap Pussy Willows at Highland Hill Farm
There are many different pussy willows. We typically growth the Salix discolor muhl that is native to the northeast but there are many other types. Salix caprea is commonly carried in many nursies and is said that it is more resistant to the canker than the Salix discolor is.

I have personally grown Pussy Willows from little seedlings and it brings me great pride to sell them to customers who know how nice this plant can be. I planted them in a field at our Fountianville location about 12 years ago and know they are at least 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide. They can be trimmed, hacked, and even mowed because it happen to them in the feild! They are tough plants. For other great plants that can tolerate wet conditions check out our wet land web page!!!!

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