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We grow and sell a number of different Spireas.
  • Spirea Alpina
  • Spirea Alpina
  • Spirea Gold Mound
  • Spirea Lemon
  • Spirea Little Princess
  • Spirea Snowmound
  • Spirea Vanhoutte


    Spireas are one of the easiest flowering shrubs to grow. There are two major kinds of spireas: the bridal wreath type, with clusters of white flowers on arching branches in spring; and the shrubby, much lower-growing type, which has pink, red or white flowers clustered at the end of upright branches in summer to fall.


    Vanhoutte spirea, the traditional bridal wreath spirea, is a deciduous broadleaf shrub that can grow 6-10 feet high and spread as much as 15-20 feet wide. The small leaves are blue-green in summer with no fall color. Covered with masses of white, small flower clusters that cover the plant in the spring.

    Japanese spirea is an upright shrubby spirea to 4-6 feet tall, with oval, sharply toothed, flat clusters of pink flowers with green leaves.

    Spirea: GROWTH RATES

    Spireas grow very fast and can take a hard trimming.


    Spireas are valued for their form and flowers. They are used as a specimen plant or as hedges, screens, and borders.


    Spireas are easy to transplant. Spring or fall is the best planting time. Potted stock is easily planted in the summer if properly watered. The shrub prefers partial to full sun. Full sun and open areas are locations best suited for flowering. Spireas are tolerant of many soils except they don't like wet feet.. The plant also likes mulch and summer watering. After flowering has finished, prune the mostly spring-blooming, bridal wreath spireas. Old and weak canes should be trimmed to the ground annually. Prune the summer-blooming, shrubby spireas in winter or early spring. They need less severe pruning than bridal wreath spireas. After flowers fade, remove them and a second flush of growth is stimulated, which can result in additional flowers.

    Spirea: PROBLEMS

    Like other members of the rose family, spireas are susceptible to various pests and diseases, but none are serious. Aphids are occasionally a problem in the spring.

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