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Seedlings, Liners, & Transplants Available

In many areas when you have open ground, you get taxed higher on it than when you put the land into production. So, Why not become a plant grower. We can help you. If you order seedlings from us, we will work with Orser Landscaping to provide a complete instillation package for seedlings and plant liners for you. We can plant upwards to 3000 trees and shrubs per day for you.

The are many tax benefits for you besides a possible reduction in real estate taxes. The costs of the trees may be deductible as a cost on your federal tax return (see your financial advisor for complete details which can vary). You may also qualify for cost sharing from conservation districts for land improvements for soil and erosion plans that you elect to participate in. This is also a great way to fund habitat improvements for wildlife. As you know, farmers need welfare too!!!!

We can recommend plants for your area and soil types. We have hundreds of plants and liners ready for next spring. Highland Hill and Orser Landscaping have the resources and the personnel to meet any planting job you can dream up. We have a full range of plants and are capable of planting all over the east coast. If you just want to buy the seedlings we have 3 different size planters that you can borrow if you want to do the planting yourself. Our planters are at both the Fountainville and the Milan Pa. locations.


As you can see we have a wide selection of plants that we can supply for your needs. We do not have the office staff to keep a running inventory. So we don't even try. Please call us at 215 651 8329 for a quote or E-Mail Us for your needs.


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